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Tyler Perry's Madea's Farewell Play!

Superstar writer, director and playwright Tyler Perry is bidding adieu to his most iconic creation with the aptly named Madea Farewell Play, and because tickets for all upcoming shows are on sale now, you can experience the fun, live one last time at a theater near you. Everyone's favorite senior citizen is going out with a bang in an all-new adventure, and while we don't want to give anything away as she rides into the sunset, we can promise you two things: lots of laughs, and plenty of heart!

But while it's sad to say goodbye (or is that goodburr?) to Tyler's most beloved character, there's some good news, too. He'll be back with a new play sometime soon, and this website will automatically update to reflect the latest info about that production — making it a great resource for fans to bookmark and visit regularly.

So don't miss out on your only chance to experience the laughter and wisdom of Tyler Perry performed on stage and on tour one final time. Be there live and in person in 2020 — check out the touring schedule below and scoop up your amazing set of Tyler Perry Tickets right now!
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